Charting Your Personal Future Toward a Wonderful Retirement

Retirement is a Significant Life Transition

Retirement is an important life transition, analogous to many other transitions we must accomplish in life, such as adolescence.  For most, it is a life choice, although sometimes (regrettably) it may be forced upon us.  It is marked by many challenges, surprises, and rewards.  Retirement also is frequent.  The number of Americans retiring daily has nearly doubled since the year 2000, totaling around 10,000 people every day.  According to Census forecasts, that number is set to rise. It will reach nearly 12,000 people by 2030 (Census Bureau).

Is it a time now for you to finally stop doing and put your feet up, a time for renewal and revitalization, a needed time to plan a new career or to phase into one, or even an opportunity for spontaneous discovery?

Our Charting Process

     •  REVIEW your life so far

     •  DREAM about the future

     •  PLAN goals and steps to reach them

     •  ENGAGE your plan into action

Start charting your personal future today.

We are dedicated to providing critical psychological services to help prospective and new retirees plan and cope successfully with retirement.

Equally important, we consult within organizations to assist employees who may be eligible for retirement.

All of these services are intended to complement the more typical and important financial planning services available elsewhere.

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