ENGAGE (Part 1)

This post will address options for activating your plan.

Robert Conyne

3/3/2021 2 min read

To Engage in retirement is to do, to set off to explore the plan you've chartedAs in the first photo, with compass in hand (or in mind).  Our canoeist, in the second photo (above), launched in an early and cool morning, with a mysterious mist on the horizon.  She appears to be confidently paddling ahead, as we hope all of us will do when engaging our retirement plan.  We hope she is prepared, too, although perhaps we'd feel a bit better if she had donned a life jacket.  A word of caution for retirees:  Engage while "wearing the life jacket" your compass can provide.

You may have arrived at this point of engagement, or may be journeying there.  "Engage" fulfills what has preceded it:  You have Reviewed, you have Dreamed, and you have Planned.

Engage contains a general set of 5 phases:  (1) Freedom, in the early months where you fell free from demands and open to experiencing what you want; (2) Let Down, when doing even what you desire continually can become confining; (3) Reorientation/Adaptation, where you may be led to redesign your daily life now, based on your experience and new information; (4) Guided Gliding, where the newer strategy you've created, involving roles, routines, relationships, responsibilities, and assumptions, may better fit your evolving life; and (5) Reintegration/Reconciliation, toward the end of retirement, and of life itself, where reflect, reminiscing, and legacy-making may now become more salient. Launch time is here, and you are on your way, subject to inevitable revisions and re-directions.

Some people at launch time feel excited.  Others anxious.  And many points in between. 

Let's see where you could be, considering the 4 adjectives below (add another one, if it may suit you more accurately).  Use the rating scales next to help identify your feeling by circling "1"=not at all like me; "3"=maybe yes, maybe no; and "5"=exactly like me:

Excited              1          2          3         4           5

Optimistic         1          2          3          4         5

Pessimistic       1          2         3           4          5

Anxious             1          2          3          4          5

Other (write in:                       )   1          2         3          4         5

Finally, briefly summarize your feelings, given the ratings information.  

What might all this mean?